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Music & Dance - ​Magdalena Atkinson

Magdelena will offer a number of different teachings, including -

Morning Chants - with the mantras Sanskrit and Gurmuki healing chants - some with drums, others the hammered dulcimer, the guitar and the shruti box. All are welcome to join in, sing and meditate.

Shakti Dance - a yoga of dance, this is the invitation to look inside and see how to become more creative in life, in our movements, thoughts and to be in tune with the desires of our souls. Let your body discover how good it feels to be fully awaken filled with this creative energy, using yoga postures, different dance styles and free movement expression.

Magdelena will also perform at our Tuesday night Home Grown Style event.

About Magdelena:

​During my practice and workshops, I encourage all to go deeply into the body to find the movements and sounds of the soul. This inspired me to create my own music which I share during the workshops, I reach further into the practice, using sound and intuition, to create a healing, an energising yet balancing experience for all, the beginners, and more advanced participants alike.

​Magdalena is a soulful singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, yogini, mother and a dreamer… Her music gently heals confusion, empowers & inspires.