Heartfulness Relaxation and Meditation - Anna Pearse

Why meditate?
What we meditate upon, we become.
So, we meditate on the inner presence or the higher Self, which resides in the heart of each one of us. Over time this becomes an evolutionary process.

Come and discover this simple but effective system of meditation aided by yogic transmission.
Heartfulness is the way to living a better, calmer and more fulfilling life. At this year’s Sun and Moon festival, participants will have the
opportunity to experience a guided relaxation and silent meditation for half an hour. All will be encouraged to use the tools of self-reflection and observation,
in support of the experience to evaluate it.

We will also learn the simple technique for clearing our system of the build-up of daily impressions, which weigh us down over time.
This form of meditation on the heart, which we now call Heartfulness, has been quietly growing over the last century so that there is now a global
network of support in the form of small groups of people meditating together in over one hundred countries and there is a network of trainers worldwide who
offer their services free of charge.

(for further info: www.heartfulness.uk.)

Anna Pearse

Anna started this practice twenty years ago and slowly but surely felt herself changing in the direction of her authentic self – of which she had no
It has been a mysterious but deeply satisfying journey so far.
Fifteen years ago she became a trainer in this system, enabling and supporting others to start their own practice and small groups to meditate
She lives in Stroud, Gloucestershire, and is part of an active network of Heartfulness trainers and facilitators throughout UK and Ireland.