Authentic Relating Games - Amy HoopLovin

Authentic Relating Games (adults only, ideally a 2.5 hour session)

These sessions are a fun and unique way to experience much deeper connections.

You are invited to go on a journey outside the norms of the societal human condition and to access a deeper sense of playfulness and authenticity.

There is a focus on developing our awareness and sensitivity to our individual boundaries and how we express them.
We will also be using games that gently encourage our vulnerability to the surface.
The space will be held with group agreements and is regarded as safe, brave and empowering.

We encourage all to take part in only what feels good too and any "No's" and "Yes's" are equally encouraged. 

During and by the end of a game played - even though you may have just met the people in the room - you may feel like you know them better then some of your closest peers, friends & family.

Adults Only for these workshops please.