Songwriting Workshop - Anita Jardine

Singer/songwriter and international troubadour Anita Jardine shares her songwriting journey... and some helpful techniques she has learnt on the way. 

There will be an exploration of voice and an opportunity to write and perform within the group, but no pressure to do so.
Open to all, there is no previous experience or musical ability required.

Come and learn to giftwrap your words and deliver them straight to the listener's heart.

Consisting of sharing of expectations, Anita will briefly describe her own musical journey and sing a song or two that people love to join in with.
The group will do some vocal exercises to open people to the possibilities of their own voices, which is both fun and energising.
Next comes some warm up exercises, then participants will write a song and share it within the group (if desired).

Please bring a notebook/paper and pen with you to the workshop(s).

About Anita 

I have enjoyed a long career in the mental health field, working within the public and voluntary sector and gained considerable experience of facilitating groups and workshops.
Over the past 15 years I have increasingly used music and songwriting in therapeutic work.
I’ve travelled far and wide across the globe, gigging at festivals, in bars, theatres, arts centres, on balconies, beaches and boulevards and produced several albums.
I have facilitated songwriting workshops and individual sessions in mental health, community, leisure and educational contexts.
Positive feedback about how relaxing, fun and inspiring my workshops are, plus my light-hearted approach leaves participants often feeling that expectations have been exceeded.

We're hoping Anita will also play a tune (or 10) for us during the week in the main marquee.