Mindfulness, Rhythm & Sounds - Craig Winterburn & Natalie Hewett

Our workshops incorporate the concepts of mindfulness within an exploration of sounds and 

With a slightly progressive element to each session, they may also be attended as stand-
alone workshops.

Largely experiential, with some explanatory dialogue, there’s a combination of led meditations and playing of simple drumming rhythms - the experience of engaging with the drum
itself being the 
intention - rather than any focus on performance.

Each workshop closes with a sounds meditation of 
accompanying percussion and beautifully atmospheric gong.

Incorporating the teaching of simple drumming patterns, the workshops embrace mindfulness 
within this, enhancing our engagement with the rhythm of the breath,
awareness of the breath and 
body in our present moment experience, and our connection with the healing qualities of the drum.

By enabling the enhancement of awareness and a 'present moment experience' through the medium of sounds and rhythm,
we encourage bringing these experiential workshop themes into everyday life.

Please do arrive early for these workshops, as places are limited.

"I didn't know where I was, who I was or what I was doing but I felt safe, content and energised.
The sound journey was amazing, my whole body tingled and could feel the sound moving through it. 
The sound took over me and I felt part of it. I felt disembodied – my arms floated off in the sound".  

About Natalie Hewett:

Working in the mental health field for many years, I now work as an Occupational Therapist/Mindfulness Practitioner in the area of fatigue and pain.

Studying for a Masters in Mindfulness Based Approaches at Bangor University, I have my final dissertation to complete and am
passionate about the value and benefits of mindfulness for everyday life. I’ve delivered various mindfulness groups and courses in the community,
also running introductory Mindfulness & Drumming workshops with Craig at festivals (Buddhafield, One World) and other community ventures
over the course of the last 12 months.

About Craig Winterburn:

Community artist and musician working in and around Manchester, having delivered drumming workshops at many festivals, and to numerous community groups,
including those communities at risk of isolation. Singer, composer, I am now developing myself further, both professionally and personally, in my studies with the gong -
learning about and playing these beautifully harmonious instruments -and working towards accreditation with the International Practitioners of Holistic