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Hang and Udu Workshop - Barry Mason


The ethereal, meditative qualities of the Hang are never forgotten once heard. Hang is is the name of the original instrument, conceived by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer of PANArt in Switzerland in 2000. Since that time other makers of similar instruments have emerged and they are referred to generically as Handpans. We work with both Hangs and Halos, each with their own unique qualities.

The creation of the Hang arose through experiments to combine the steel pan and a metal version of an udu. Hence the two instruments, the pan and the udu are like brother and sister with complementary soundscapes. The latest incarnation, the Gubal, from PANArt further develops this melodic and rhythmic relationship.


This humble and versatile pot drum originates in Nigeria, used by the women of the Igbo tribe in ceremony. Variations, mostly in clay but also wood, may be found all over the world. The udu has a deeply resonant and distinctive bass sound - a natural percussive accompaniment to the Hang.

Please note: These hugely popular workshops are being limited to 6 people per session for the 2021 festival.