Tai Chi - Rosie Harris

We will cover Chi Kung exercises working to improve the 'energy flow' in the body. All exercises are to open up stagnant energy area's of the body and produce a free flow of energy throughout the body. Tai Chi improves body balance and also produces a meditative, relaxed mind. All systems of the body are worked whilst practicing the Tai Chi form of movements. A complete small 'busy Man's' Tai Chi form will be taught as a gift from the Sun and Moon Festival for all students to learn and practice at home. The classes are relaxes and open to all ...just bring a along a SMILE.
Students from around the world can sample a 'taster' of heart Tai Chi is and all it's benefits.

About myself: I have been teaching Tai Chi and Chi King for over 25years, and hold a teachers certificate for adults.Teaching in Adult Education and Private Practice. I hold my classes in the UK during the summer, and Spain during the winter months For me,teaching Tai Chi is a real privilege as it helps to relax students and creates energy whilst having fun. 

"My gift is to share knowledge with anyone with an open heart and mind".