Tribal Voice Harmony Singing - Stone Red Fire

Tribal Voice Harmony Singing

Exploring the animal like sounds of nature, raw and liberating for singers of any vocal experience.
Working with the power of the voice through sounds used by tribal healers.
Creating improvised harmonies and improvising solos over them.

About Stone Red Fire

Stone Red Fire is an artist: musician, singer and dancer; a performer and a teacher.
He is an experienced drum and voice facilitator; teaching for over 20 years.
Partly self-taught, partly studied with various masters of drumming and singing as well as native people of Africa.
His own unique style includes both traditional and contemporary techniques, promoting simple but full of depth social drumming and contemplative version of active meditation with drum.
His singing concentrates on primal improvised harmonies, wild sounds of nature, and energy of a tribe.
His dance is rooted in deep tribal body and energy connection with other dancers.