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You Having A Laugh: The Spirit of Improvisation - Jon Athawes

Who shouldn't come?

People who want to tell jokes in public. This is improv, not stand-up comedy - 'the funny just happens'!

Who should come?

Anyone (well, over 18's) who has enjoyed doing improvisational comedy before, but also, and perhaps more importantly, anyone who has never tried ‘improv’ before but just enjoys having a laugh and feeling alive! Last year over 25 people stretched their comfort zone by giving it a go at Sun & Moon for the first time ever. We'll do some introductory warm-ups, then play simple games to learn the 'golden rules' of improv - and we'll get better at it as the week progresses. Basically, come along if you just fancy a bit of fun after dinner, in a safe and supportive environment, before the main evening entertainment. You'll be very welcome and won't be 'forced' to do anything you don't want to!

What people said about it last year:
“You kept it fun, flowing and made everyone feel it was ok to have a go!” Helen V
“I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to Jon for bringing back joy through humour in my life.” Tony M

About Jon

Married, and with two grown-up children, Jon worked for big organisations for 25 years, but now leads a simpler, more content life. He's enjoyed all the previous Sun & Moon festivals and this time will be offering two different workshops - The Real Me (self awareness) and You Having A Laugh - and probably shouting a lot at the opening and closing circles once again!