Expression & Meditation


Expression workshops include musical expression, singing, acting and more. Below are the workshops confirmed to date, although the full program will not be confirmed until the end of March. Normally each teacher will teach 3 sessions during the week, so if you miss one session one day, you can catch it on another day:

African Drumming - Stone Red Fire

Ritual Contemplative African Drumming

An Elemental Sound & Voice Journey - Ayla Willow, Alberto & Jamila

Reconnecting with self, nature and each other, through movement, sound and voice...

Creative Writing (adults only) - Maureen Levy

Come; play with words and ideas in this creative writing class...


Ecstatic Mantra Celebration - Kwali Kumara

Celestial meditation, chanting and dancing...

Hang and Udu Workshop - Barry Mason

Learn to play these incredible instruments.
Once heard, never forgotten.

Improvisational Comedy Workshop (Adults Only) - Mo Levy

Come and learn the basic rules of improv and have fun putting them into practice...

KiGong and the Power Brain - Sam Lee

Relax and strengthen your body and your brain with these gentle yet fun exercises, movement meditation
and light stretching...

Magenta Pyramid - Caroline Elen

Embodying peace, love and joy with angelic assistance...

New Moon Personal & Global Healing with Indigenous Unity Consciousness Ritual - JOANNA BRISTOW-WATKINS

Deep healing via a mindful chakra-balancing process with colours and etheric crystals...

Public Speaking For Beginners And Improvers - Caroline Young

Go into a space where you can learn the necessary skills to speak in public...

The School of Now - Jonny Whiting

A workshop designed to help you access being here right now, giving an organic performance without years of training...

What Does Meditation Feel Like? - Caroline Elen

Generating peace and clarity into the world...

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Our Mission

Sun and Moon Health Education CIC is a not-for-profits organisation, promoting holistic wellbeing, health, and positive values and behaviour. We do not sell alcohol at the festival or gatherings, as we believe that we don't need any artificial stimulants to have a great time. We offer vegan and vegetarian food at all of our events, to promote consideration for the planet and our own health. Our aim is to bring people together in an atmosphere of love and respect, acceptance and friendship. 

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