Belly Dancing - Linda Cremin

Bringing this ancient dance into the modern world - a workout for your body, mind and soul.

Learn to be comfortable in our own skin while the isolations of the hips target the abdominal muscles which help strengthen, tone and improve flexibility. 

Linda was given a Roma and Travellers’ soul by birth, and a dancing soul into her cradle. Her mum is a Roma from Bulgaria and her dad is an Irish Traveller.
As a young child Linda moved around Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Gaza and Germany, where she picked up the traditional dance styles as they went along.
The family base however was in Hackney, where Linda had trained in contemporary and street dance at pineapple studios and the world Irish dance association.

Her stay in Egypt and Saudi Arabia inspired her to study belly dance. Linda has trained in classical Egyptian belly dance with one of London’s leading teachers Michaela Sandor.
As well as being interested in fitness, traditional folklore and the RaqSharqi society. She also trained in a variety of other styles including flamenco, Eastern European and Irish folk dance,
Indian Katak dance, Bollywood and Russian gypsy.

Linda believes that learning is part of living and her passion for dance has led to travelling and studying dance with traditional dancers from mauri Berber tribes in Morocco to zar dance
in Africa and the middle east.

Linda is also highly influenced in tribal fusion belly dance and has studied with ATS renowned dancers Philippa Moiria, Hannah mi Anis and Colleen Shakti from the fire water collective.

Linda performs regularly with one of London’s top gypsy/world music band 'Shkembe Soup' as well as the vibrant Balkan influenced band 'Tacho Trom'.
Linda has also performed and collaborated with the famous middle eastern drum musician Seddick Zebiri and other talented artists.

Teaching is Linda’s passion; to inspire, guide, enlighten and motivate.

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