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Shakti Dance® is the ‘yoga of dance’ – a harmonious blend of Flowing Yoga Stretches, Energising Dance Exercises, Free Dance Meditation, Relaxation and Synchronised Mantra with Movement.

Connect to a space of Inner Peace; Reduce Stress; Liberate your Body and Mind in Free Expression of the Self!

Shakti Dance® was founded by Sara Avtar Olivier, a life long dancer and 20-year yoga practitioner and teacher. It has roots in the science and tradition of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, it implements insights drawn from yogic philosophy to awaken and embody universal principles of harmonious movement, and it also develops an understanding of the qualities and levels of energy induced through different dance movements and styles. The practice flows through 8 phases:

The 8 Phases of a Shakti Dance® Class

Shakti Dance® consists of different phases that combine to cleanse and awaken the pranic body, so that the practitioner can access and enjoy the Spirit of Shakti:

1. Tuning in This opens the class with a mantra accompanied by a mudra. It centres and prepares the mind, creating the necessary connection to receive the teachings.

2. Shakti Stretching Rhythmic and meditative floor exercises, flowing in coordination with the breath. This phase warms up, increases flexibility, relaxes and opens energy channels in the body.

3. Standing Exercises Energising exercises and dance sequences, opening the chakras with rhythmic and breath-coordinated movement. Physical awareness is heightened through the isolation of body parts. Harmonious expression is developed through the acquisition of universal principles of free-flowing movement. This phase in particular recharges vitality.

4. Free Dance Taking inspiration from the previous phases, the inherent creative impulse is given free reign to express itself. With increased awareness of the energetic body (aura), a fluid interaction between inner and outer spaces is explored and enjoyed.

5. Relaxation The rhythmic pulsation of mind, body and spirit is allowed to integrate while releasing tensions.

6. Celestial Communication and/or Mantric Choreography A celestial communication or mantric choreography is a moving meditation. This may be sitting or standing and will be done to a mantra. The repeated movement becomes a focus that stills the mind and creates harmonising waves within the aura. These meditations can be very profound, are enjoyable to learn, and create a powerful group matrix when performed in a mandala.

7. Meditation A moment is taken to return to the stillness within, to enjoy the fulfilment of emptiness following the satisfaction of self-expression. This is a chance to bathe in the regenerative space of the Source within.

8. Closing Inner and outer worlds are brought into balance while a protective auric shield is created around each participant.

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