Temple Dance - Dorina Richards

Temple Dance elevates the vibration of our soul and gifts us with a sacred purpose.
It is a combination of traditional tribal dance moves with hand gestures... and a feeling of ecstasy.
The dance flows freely to the sacred rhythm of the soul.

In the sessions we visualise our offering and set our intentions for the dance... then allow the body to follow the intention.

Dorina will show you a series of movements and hand gestures that can be used throughout the class and you are
encouraged to practice and incorporate them into your dance at the end of the session.

You are invited to make your dance symbolic, expressive and meaningful.

Temple dance isn’t for entertainment of the eyes; it is first and foremost the expression of self.

"Dance is meditation in movement, a walking into silence where every movement becomes prayer".

Please dress comfortably for the sessions and bring water with you to make sure you stay hydrated.

About Dorina

Dorina is a professional Temple Dancer, Priestess of the Goddess, Yogini and Pilates tutor.

She has been dancing since the age of 7 and trained in both traditional and contemporary dance styles throughout her carrier.

She is passionate about supporting others in finding their soul purpose and reintroducing the sacredness of dance into their life, by moving away from purely performance based movement.
She is the co-founder and visionary behind The Temple of Sacred Arts based in Glastonbury, Somerset.