Contact Dance Improvisation Workshop & Jam - Stone Red Fire

This is a form of contemporary dance where the sharing weight is the source of movement. That movement relies on close physical contact and being in the moment.It is a fusion of meditation, yoga, acrobatics, tai chi, and dance all mixed in one pot.An open-ended exploration of the kinaesthetic possibilities of bodies moving through contact.Sometimes quiet and meditative, sometimes wild and athletic, it is a form open to all bodies and enquiring minds. Following the point of contact informs the unplanned and improvised dance.

There are no steps to learn or copy, but there are principles and fundamentals, which dancers follow to make the dance more enjoyable, more deep, more dynamic, more spontaneous.

It is open to everyone: those who like slow, meditative, sensual movement will enjoy the subtle and delicate side. Those who like energy, lifts and acrobatics (later throughout the dance practice) will enjoy the exhilarating side of it - however the acrobatic part of the form requires fitness and flexibility any previous movement practice experience will be helpful: sports, yoga, dance, gymnastics, martial arts, etc.

Contact dancers often meet at jams where you are free to join or leave a dance partner at any time, you may dance solo, you may rest and sit and watch if you wish. You are encouraged to come and try a session; however if you don't feel physically fit please refrain from strenuous or demanding movements.If you are unsure whether or not this dance is for you, do come along, watch for yourself, and see what the session is like, you are welcome to be a witness!

The dance form involves full body contact and by its intimate nature beautifully attunes dancers with each other. There will be lots of ground floor work, the dance is practiced within every level of the space: from rolling on the floor, through sitting, standing to flying (being off the floor) - please wear layers of loose stretching clothes, best are long sleeves and full leg trousers.

Please bring a bottle of water You may bring yoga mat if you have one Contact impro is practised outdoors, indoors, in water, with or without music.

DISCLAMER: by coming to the session you automatically agree to be responsible for yourself and you participate at your own risk. Although advanced contact impro is practised with whole families this particular session is not suitable for small children. 13+ please. Body and mind awareness is essential for this dance form - although it happens very rarely on contact sessions but it is possible to injure yourself or injure people around you. Please follow your common sense.

About Stone Red Fire

Stone Red Fire is an artist: musician, singer and dancer; a performer and a teacher.

He is an experienced drum and voice facilitator teaching for over 20 years. Partly self-taught, partly studied with various masters of drumming and singing as well as native people of Africa.His own unique style includes both traditional and contemporary techniques, promoting simple but full of depth social drumming and contemplative version of active meditation with drum.His singing concentrates on primal improvised harmonies, wild sounds of nature, and energy of a tribe.His dance is rooted in deep tribal body and mind connection with other dancers.

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