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Knotwork Pattern Drawing - Katherine Darton

We will look at some Celtic knotwork designs, and draw some, using pre-printed grids.

We will discuss labyrinths and mazes, and look at some different designs and what they are thought to signify. We will draw 2 labyrinths.

Weather permitting, we will then draw a walking labyrinth outside in chalk, which everyone can enjoy until the rain washes it away. If the ground is already wet, we may make one using tent pegs and string.

Walking a labyrinth can be seen as a pilgrimage, and can be a form of meditative practice.


About Katherine:

Katherine began her career as a musician, playing and teaching the flute, and also qualifying as a music therapist. She then took a second degree in physiology, followed by a PhD and some years as a post-doc in rheumatology. After this she spent the last 22 years of her career working in mental health. Rheumatology and psychiatry together have made her very sceptical of conventional medicine’s dependence on medication, and she has developed a strong interest in alternatives of all kinds.