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Art For The Journey - Alex and Evie Mowbray

Art is a universal language that somehow speaks personally to everyone of us, with an amazing ability to generate emotion, tap into our memory and characterise a particular time in our lives. Yet art isn't merely the physical arrangement of shapes, colours and textures - it has the power to enigmatically transcend our visual perception which is the gateway to the soul. Even more than that, the overwhelming evidence for intelligent design suggests that the creative process - from which all art proceeds - has spiritual roots, that we are instinctively and intuitively responding naturally to. A spiritual capacity is built in, regardless of whether we call ourselves artists.Come and discover more about how images can speak to you, revealing more of who you are and how art can influence your life journey. Feel free to bring a favourite artwork or a picture on your phone, or even generate one here, today...

About Alex & Eve

Over the last ten years we have discovered the power of art to start conversations, build relationships and bring encouragement to many on their life journey. We also discovered some latent creative ability in ourselves, and love to paint what we see, what we feel and what we sense. We are happy to be part of Eden People who have welcomed us at their venues, as together we bring a sense of emotional and spiritual wellbeing to all our visitors.