Make Your Own Dream Catcher - Jeanette Deen

Dream catchers also know as 'the sacred hoop', have been made through the centuries by Native American Indian tribes.

It is believed that good dreams pass through the dream catcher and gently slide down the feathers, to comfort the sleeper below.
Bad dreams are caught up in its protective net then destroyed in the light of a new day.

Create your own personal 'sacred hoop' using foraged and sustainable materials found within the festival location, which can be worn as a piece of jewellery or simply hung in a sunny spot.

You will design and create your own personalised dream catcher; a take-away skill that you can share with others or simply enjoy.

About Jeanette

I am an FE teacher, teaching Art and Design, Vocational studies and SEN. I write, create and deliver eco-friendly community workshops.