What is Creativity Anyway? - Anne Brierley

The 3 workshop sessions will build on each other but can be accessed singly too...
Session 1 
What is creativity anyway? 
Creative block.. how and why do we get in our own way?
Let’s unpick this problem together sharing experience insights and strategies for change 
What does our personal creative block look like? Find out With a practical (but fun)  exercise in thinking through making. 

Session 2 

Let’s explore a little deeper. 

Creative games 
Creative strategies 
Let’s play with intent! Create your own sketchbook /journal and begin to collect ‘stuff’ 
Session 3 

Binding the sketchbooks and printmaking session with the Little Print Workshop.
Starting is hard, finishing is easy...
Starting is easy, finishing is hard...
Which are you?

About Anne

Anne is an experienced teacher of art and a freelance artist and print-maker, with a particular interest in using art for wellbeing within healthcare settings.