Words and pictures: interactive art workshop - Anne Grenyer


In this workshop, we’ll be exploring powerful words that have meaning for us – perhaps inspired by music, poetry or a mantra.

We’ll look at different font styles and bring our words to life with some basic calligraphy techniques.
Our empowering words will then be overlaid on a vibrant and expressive background.

Bring a feather with you if you’d like to make and use your own quill pen!  

It was great to meet so many lovely people during the Sun and Moon workshops last year.
I’m really looking forward to joining the festival again this summer and seeing what we can create together. Art is for everyone - join us and unleash your creativity!


About Anne:

I’m an artist with a fondness for calligraphy and I am currently exploring the link between art, creativity and wellbeing.
I’m studying arts psychotherapy which involves the therapeutic use of seven different art forms, including: art, sculpture, clay, poetry and music.
The course adopts frameworks and concepts from humanistic and integrative psychotherapy (with specific emphasis on Gestalt and Transactional Analysis),
psychoanalysis, self psychology and neurobiology.
I was very struck last year how people were drawn to specific words and then expressed them in so many beautiful and varied ways. I love this quote:

 “The creative process begins with one’s appreciation of what is there – the essence, the clarity, and the impact of what is around us”
Joseph Zinker, therapist and co-founder of the Gestalt Institute