Art and Craft

As well as a permanent creative space with materials for getting artistic always open to everyone, there will also be the following art and craft workshops. The full program will not be confirmed until the end of March, so expect to see even more workshops confirmed here soon.

Normally each teacher will teach 3 sessions during the week, so if you miss one session one day, you can catch it on another day:


Art For The Journey - Alex and Evie Mowbray

A spiritual capacity is built in, regardless of whether we call ourselves artists...

Craft to Relax - Clare Jarvest

Crafting can help ease stress, increase happiness and improve your health...

Drawing For The Truly Terrified - Anne Brierley & Elaine Watt

Think you can’t draw? 
Come along to this session and let us prove you wrong.

Henna Workshops - Cath McDermott and Elise (Freddy) Shortman

Henna and Face/Body painting for children and adults. 

Words and pictures: interactive art workshop - Anne Grenyer

Exploring powerful words that have meaning for us...