Useful Info

Important info for festival goers...

Kind of like a FAQ section!

Arrivals on Sunday 4th August:

  • Arrivals on Sunday 4th should be after 2pm.
  • Please go to Reception for check in - open from 2pm Sunday (next to "Woody's")
  • Welcome circle 5pm on Sunday
  • Children's area teachers and volunteers meeting 5:30pm Sunday
  • Therapists / Adult Teachers meeting 8pm Sunday

Arrivals on other days:

  • Reception is open from 8:45am for getting wristbands
  • The college gates are closed after 10pm and open at 7am

General Info:

  • Dogs are not allowed on site (college rules)
  • No open fires / fire pits (there will be one firepit for gatherings by the marquees)
  • Children should be supervised by an adult at all times, and must not be in college areas other than the festival field / marquee area - especially not in any college buildings
  • Alcohol is not for sale, but it is accepted at the festival
  • Nudity in public is not accepted (ie adults) 
  • The college is locked from 10pm to 7am

Noise and considerate behaviour:

  • Please keep noise to a minimum after 9pm in the camping area. 
  • No drumming after midnight please. Only acoustic instruments and singing around the fire

Camping Info:

  • Camping: there is lots of space, so please leave 6 meters between your tent and any neighbours.
  • Campervans and tents are in the same field
  • Cars can be used to drop off tents and luggage but should be parked back by the entrance to the field to create a safe camping zone
  • The marquee area will be noisier including late at night, so camp away from the marquees if you want a quieter experience

What to bring:

  • Bring a yoga mat / cushion / blanket
  • Bring cutlery, plate, mug - if taking the food option you need these, and you will need to clean your own ones after use
  • Bring materials to upcycle: clothes, arty stuff, boxes, magazines to cut up etc