Accommodation at Sun and Moon Festival

There are 3 great options for accommodation at Sun and Moon:

  • Camping
  • Glamping
  • Bedrooms on-site
For pricing please see the "Festival Prices" section of our site, under the "Tickets" menu option

On-site bedrooms

We have 60 bedrooms available. These are mainly singles but some are twins, and they all have shared bathrooms. There are no en-suite bedrooms.
The bedrooms are all on site, very close to the workshops, main festival area and dining marquee. The rooms are comfortable and clean, and come with towels, bed sheets, duvets and pillows. There are no cooking facilities, so if booking a room, we suggest that you also book a food option, or you can buy as you go from the various food suppliers
We offer:
  • Single rooms
  • Twin rooms 


We have a large, flat field available for campers, next to the main festival area and the workshops. This is the field to front of the college as visible on Google maps. Parking will be on the same field, but in a separate area, to keep the main area free from cars. Campervans and tents are all in the same field. For quieter camping, camp further from the marquee areas, where it may be noisier at night.


Offering you the chance to take it easy and have a lovely 5m bell tent available for you - all ready and set up when you arrive! You can hire the bell tent with your selection of 2,3 or 4 singles beds. These are camping beds with mattresses for maximum comfort, and come with bed sheets, duvet, and even a towel.
One bell tent will sleep a maximum of 6 people, so you can add children etc on your own bedding if you prefer. 
Extra glamping elements included: Solar powered lamps and charging point, colourful rugs, wooden crates

Toilets, showers and water:

There is easy access to the hot showers and toilets in the sports pavilion, with separate areas for males and females. The male showers and female showers have cubicles in one part, and open plan showers in another part. The hot water is from a hot water tank, and so will run out when used by a lot of people at the same time - please use as little as possible, in consideration of other users, and try to shower at a different time of the day to everyone else to get the hottest water!
Further toilets are available in the college building called "Woody's" - a short walk from the camping field. These are only open at night as well as during the day.
Water is available from taps in the main marquee area. 

Campervans and Caravans:

Space for campervans and caravans will be in the same field as the camping.

Fire Pit

The fire-pit for those who want to stay up a bit later, is located in a the middle of the marquee area. No drumming past 11pm please. Only singing and acoustic instruments.





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