Mad Hallelujah Tribe

Mad Hallelujah Tribe is a multi-national collective that lights up dance floors worldwide with their signature sound, which integrates elements of folk, rock, celtic, gospel, psychedelic, tribal, and gypsy music. The Tribe is united by a common dream of creating epic, heartfelt music with the power to uplift people. 

Since their formation in 2015, Mad Hallelujah Tribe have released four self-produced albums and embarked on multiple tours across New Zealand, Australia, the United States and Europe, earning a reputation as ecstatic dance-floor creators, respected crafters of deep musical journeys, and crowd favorites on festival circuits, music clubs, and street corners alike.

Mad Hallelujah Tribe’s active lineup features guitarist & vocalist Makete, violinist & didgeridoo player Vojta, vocalist & lead guitarist Daniel Wander, bass player Ari Melinger-Cohen, and various artists on percussion (depending on the continent!)

Mad Hallelujah live sets are a musical invitation to dance like crazy, clap, stomp and sing along, laugh & cry, and find unity in celebration of life!