Live bands and musicians that performed in 2018 are listed below. The line-up for 2019 is yet to be confirmed

The Fabulous Red Diesel

Thursday 16th August (9:00pm) Six seasoned musicians - all set for a funky, jazzy, swingin' party session...


Sun 4th Aug 2019 (9:00pm) - the foot stomping Scandomando...

Ruby & The Revelators

Friday 17th Aug (9:00pm):  Ruby & The Revelators take the 'blues' genre and giving it a good 'ole shake up...

Ian Roland and Simon Yapp

Monday 13th Aug (2:00pm) brings us the accomplished singer-songwriter, Ian Roland, with fiddle player, Simon Yapp...


One Eyed Jacks

Wednesday 15th August (9:00pm)
Brighton-based funk freight-train 'One Eyed Jacks'...

The Maida Vales

Sunday 12th Aug (9:00pm): 
Four North London based lads on a musical mission to fill your heads with melodic madness and musical genius!

Hang Hang Duo

Saturday 18th August (2:30pm)

The ethereal, meditative qualities of the Hang are never forgotten once heard...

Skies Of June

Friday 17th Aug (2:00pm):  
Tuneful melodies, sophisticated harmonies and evocative lyrics, resulting in a highly emotional musical experience.

Farai & the Forest Dawn

Saturday 18th August (9pm):
Funk-infused world music, with honey-filled vocals and dance-able beats...

River Roots

Monday 13th August (9:30pm):
A vibrant mixture of acoustic roots and folk, with a hint of reggae...


Tuesday 14th Aug (2:00pm):  A free-flowing psychedelic fusion of Celtic, classical, and tribal sounds...

Paul Cody

Wednesday 15th Aug (2:30pm): An eclectic mix of 60s, 70s, 90s pop/folk.

Anita Jardine

Wednesday 15th Aug (4:15pm)

Unique and authentic - a songwriter who remains true to her heart, delivers with soul and is unbowed by industry trends...

Ellie Ford

Thursday 16th Aug (2:30pm): Folky-jazz with harp, drums, guitar, violin, clarinet, keys and a voice 'to die for'.

Arty Michelle

Tuesday 14th Aug (4:15pm)

A glorious musical interlude of well known classics...

Mad Hallelujah Tribe

Monday 13th August (8:30pm): A globally inspired, energetic folk fusion sound and an uplifting message...

Ben Catley



Shamanic Sound Bath - Leticia and Quinto

Monday and Friday (4:15pm)

Restore and reawaken to the truth and beauty of your shimmering essence.

Favio Loop

Latin Dance Electronica: Date & time tbc.

Favio Lopez

Heartfelt melodies and electronic, rhythmic experiments. Date & time tbc.