Introducing the 2019 summer festival musical line up...


Sun 4th Aug 2019 (9:00pm) 

The foot stomping Scandomando...

The Criminal Records

Wednesday 7th Aug (9pm): The Criminal Records - Probably the most fun and musically daring covers band in the UK...


The Maida Vales

Monday 5th Aug 2019 (9:00pm)

Four North London based lads on a musical mission to fill your heads with melodic madness and musical genius!

River Roots

Tuesday 6th August 2019 (2:00pm)

A vibrant mixture of acoustic roots and folk, with a hint of reggae...

Shamanic Sound Bath - Leticia and Quinto

Monday and Friday (4:15pm)

Restore and reawaken to the truth and beauty of your shimmering essence.

Home Grown Style

Tuesday 6th Aug 2019 (9:00pm)

A night of 'home grown' talent, where performers from our festival community will have their space to play live... and entertain. 

Ruby & The Revelators

Wednesday 7th Aug (2:00pm):  Ruby & The Revelators take the 'blues' genre and giving it a good 'ole shake up...

Disco, Fiesta, Carnival and Fancy Dress Party!

Thursday 8th Aug 2019

Party night, old school disco/carnival style. Fancy Dress encouraged (anything goes!). With music from the 70s, 80s, 90s....

Theo Mizu & Band

Thursday 8th Aug 2019 (2:00pm)

Oriental, jazz, world music...

Hang Hang Duo

Friday 9th Aug 2019 (2:00pm)

The ethereal, meditative qualities of the Hang are never forgotten once heard...

Farai & the Forest Dawn

Friday 9th Aug 2019 (9pm):
Funk-infused world music, with honey-filled vocals and dance-able beats...

Touch The Earth

Saturday 10th August 2019 (9:00pm)

Tribal Folk

Live Ambient Sound Journey - Will Softmore

Date & time tbc.
Allow yourself to be enchanted and taken deep into the Dreamtime.


Monday 5th August 2019 (2:00pm)
Sacred music - all songs are performed to create a space for people to connect and restore.