Technology For Fun - Andrea Harris

Science and technology workshops for children - 

Marble Runs

Get your children excited about science, technology and engineering with these real hands-on construction projects.

Have fun designing, making, testing and improving your very own marble run. The challenge is to get the marble to travel from the top to the bottom 
of the run in as close as possible to ten seconds. 
Will yours make it in time?

All materials are supplied, including circuits; and projects can be taken home.


Design and make your very own working lighthouse, powered by an electric circuit.
All materials are supplied, including circuits; and projects can be taken home.



Make your own periscope, with recycled cardboard and mirrors. Light rays reflect off a mirror at the same angle at which they hit it. 
As the top mirror is positioned at 45° to the incoming (known as ‘incident’) light rays, the rays are reflected down the axis of the periscope as shown. 
They then hit the second mirror at 45°, reflecting off at the same angle and into your eye.

Periscopes of this type were used by soldiers in the First World War to see out of the trenches. Nowadays periscopes are used in tanks 
to look out without leaving the safety of the tank, and in submarines to see what is happening above the water without having to surface. 
It is much more difficult for the enemy to spot a periscope than a submarine!

All creations may be taken home. Come and surprise yourself. Periscopes are easy to make and great fun to use!


About Andrea 

Andrea Harris is an experienced facilitator of children's workshops. She is an ambassador for Technology for Fun, a project initially set up by 
Caroline Alliston, a STEM educator. 
She is a mother, a home educator, an acupuncturist, a healer, a celebrant. She has a huge zest for educating in inspiring ways that are empowering to children. 
She loves helping children to think creatively, design their own models and achieve something they can feel proud of. 
All models can be taken home.

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