Singing for Kids - Natasha Young

Kids' singing... for kids. 
This workshop will mainly be an opportunity to sing together and have a laugh.
We will cover a range of material, including taking on board your choices.
There may be backing tracks, there may be a capella singing. I am open to all (age appropriate) suggestions. 
We might add some funky drumstick beats in also, so you can come if you don't particularly want to sing but fancy joining in.
We'll see who turns up, see what they fancy doing and go from there. This workshop will be fun, relaxing; no pressure.

We might also perform to everyone at the end of the festival, who knows?!

Come and try it out. Nobody ever died from too much singing... Or did they?!? 
I would suggest that this workshop is most suited for ages 7 to 12, but if you're older/younger than that, come talk to me :) 
Love Natasha x