Foraged Painting - Johanna & Maia

Be playfully creative and experiment with making your own paint using things found in nature.
We will also test out different natural objects for drawing and have an experience of the freedom this adds to our art work.
During the workshop, you can come and go as you please.

About Johanna
Johanna Berger is an artist and anthroposophic artistic therapist, based in Brighton, Sussex.

Her work life is divided between working with children at The Brighton Waldorf School, running transformational painting retreats for adults in
various countries and leading creative transformation events in the corporate sector.  

Johanna also founded a large studio complex in Portslade and co-founded a place-making arts practice
She runs one-to one creative orientation/therapeutic sessions at her studio for adults and children.
Johanna will be able to offer reduced rate one to one creative arts consultations at The Sun & Moon Festival.

About Mia Luz 

Maia luz Berger-Smith is 11.
She is simply fab and will be my CHIEF ASSISTANT IN CHARGE in this workshop.