EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Women's Circles - Gill Pinnington

Workshop 1 - Creating Abundance using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Abundance of love, money, health, success, peace, time, patience... or something else entirely, whatever you'd like an abundance of then
this workshop will help you to remove your blocks to bringing more of it into your life. In this fun and experiential workshop you will:

  • explore what it is you would like to manifest more of in your life, why it's important to you and where you might already have it in your life  
  • learn how to use EFT to remove the barriers to creating that abundance in your life
  • raise your vibration so you can more easily connect with the energy of what you desire
  • create a powerful point of attraction to manifest what your heart and soul desires

About EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT offers a truly holistic approach to healing, health and wellbeing. It connects your emotional health and physical health,
clearing emotional barriers, removing limiting beliefs and transforming trauma to support your body's ideal healing and preventative powers. 

EFT moves stuck energy around your body, raising your vibration, and it could be just the catalyst you are looking for to bring about change in your life.
It's also proven to reduce stress in your body and mind.  EFT can be used by people of all ages and once learned it is a simple yet effective way to remain in control of your 
emotions and move forward in life. 

You can also EFT to help you to:
·        release stuck emotions 
·        find balance and calm 
·        feel good about yourself, right now
·        transform unhelpful thoughts and behaviours 
·        Relieve/release any emotional or physical issue you have

Workshops 2 and 3 - Women's Circles

Having recently returned from 5 months in India, travelling and training in facilitating Women's Circles, I have have created two
empowering and uplifting workshops to help you reconnect with your divine feminine self, to initiate the reawakening and remembering
of the beautiful innate goddess powers that reside deep within every cell, welcoming you home to your divine soul-full life filled with love,
connection, strength, purpose and personal power. 

Workshop 2 - Stepping Into Your Power

  • explore the ways in which you give away your power, and how that feels for you
  • discover what it means to you to step into your power, and stay true to yourself
  • make a loving and supportive self-commitment, so you can stand in your power and be able to step back in when you need to

Workshop 3 - Awaken Your Inner Goddess

  • experience a beautiful meditation to re-connect with your inner goddess
  • explore and celebrate the goddess qualities within you
  • receive your divine feminine goddess name
  • connect with your divine feminine inner goddess 


These experiential workshops are open to everyone over the age of 16.
Workshops will include meditation, movement, voice, and close connection with other Sisters.
Those who identify with female energy - you are very welcome to attend the Women's Circle's workshops if you are ready and willing to re-connect with the divine feminine within.
Duration of the workshops will be 90-120 minutes, depending upon numbers. 

Please arrive on time!

About Gill

After a lifetime of being overweight, unhappy and often depressed, my life was transformed through using Emotional Freedom Technique
(also known as EFT or tapping) and Matrix Reimprinting to clear the limiting beliefs, stress and trauma that held mein negative
patterns since childhood. Now, as an experienced practitioner of these and other techniques, I work intuitively and my passion is in helping people to move forward,
supporting and empowering them to lead an authentic and happy life.