Kids Drama Classes - Louise Watts

In these fun drama classes we will build the confidence to express our most theatrical selves!

We are open to all comfort levels and all exercises will be adapted to best suit the class. We will learn silly ways to warm up our voices, interesting ways of paying attention
and syncing up with those around us and improvisational exercises to free our expressive drives.

All sessions will be made up of warm ups and drama games to enliven the imagination.

We may do a collaborative piece of work to show at the end of the week, or we may just keep it casual and have a fun time together, I will let the group decide.

About Louise

Louise has been coming to workshop festivals just like this one since she was just 8 years old.
She has benefitted so much from the communal sharing of wisdom and now it's time for her to give back!
She works as a multidisciplinary artist teaching Drama; Designing and Making Costumes; Hair, Makeup and wigs; Illustrating and Performing.
Her LAMDA Drama classes get her kids through their exams with flying colours but even more importantly help them to become the confident adults
of the future who are quick on their toes at problem solving using their imaginations.
Louise believes that learning by playing together is not only fun but of vital importance to the future, our connection to nature and our connection to each other.
She hopes she can inspire others to feel the same way.

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Our Mission

Sun and Moon Health Education CIC is a not-for-profits organisation, promoting holistic wellbeing, health, and positive values and behaviour. We do not sell alcohol at the festival or gatherings, as we believe that we don't need any artificial stimulants to have a great time. We offer vegan and vegetarian food at all of our events, to promote consideration for the planet and our own health. Our aim is to bring people together in an atmosphere of love and respect, acceptance and friendship. 

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