Yoga Elements - Isabel Lebasi

A fusion of yoga styles (ashtanga, vinyasa, rocket, yin, kundalini) with other ethics and disciplines (zen power, ovarian breathing female alchemy and dance).

We exercise from the physical body to the subtle body mainly through the breath and movement.

Each session is completely different, passing through each element, offering a space of exploration.

This space will enable a proper balance between the soul, the physical, the emotions and the body.

More about Isabel - Nurse, Yoga Teacher, Message Therapist, Sacred Geometry Therapist and Ovarian breathing female alchemy!

I've always been dedicated to give support and caring to people in their life and healing process. 
My training and experience took me to work in an holistic way, understanding that the potential of the human being is in the 
alchemy between its biological part, which can be modified by the environment, and its essence, which is permanent.

Nature and travel is an essential part in my life; it helps me to integrate and trust life.





Earth – presence – rebirth –body

Water – flow direction – strengh – blood

Air – expansión – comunication – vision –breath

Ether – fusión – unity – spirit - detachment

Fire – quiet - introspection – organs