Introduction to Embodied Yoga Principles - Mark Walsh

Embodied Yoga Principles is a non-athletic yoga practice for people of all walks of life.
It uses yoga poses as a tool for reconnecting with the body and gaining insights into behavioural patterns in a pragmatic way that could just change your life.
EYP is a growing international community of yoga practitioners and body workers; it's 
about gaining deep personal insights and transferring skills to your everyday life in a practical way

About Mark 

Creator of Embodied Yoga Principles. .
Embodied yoga is socially aware and playful, avoiding both new-age superstition and Western body materialism.

I've been a practitioner of movements arts for twenty years, including several years as a full-time aikido student.
My main yoga influences are Scaravelli, Yin and Buddhist inspired teachers.
As well as EYP, I've founded and run three other organisations which bring embodiment into the business world.
I've worked in over twenty-five countries, including with aid workers in war zones. I've also made embodiment available online through a YouTube channel which is pretty popular.
And this is starting to sound boastful, so I'll leave it there :)