Well Woman Yoga for Health and Vitality with Julia Davis

Yoga for a Healthy Cycle: Menarche, Fertility and More...
You will have the opportunity to practice asana, pranayama and meditation techniques that help support a healthy menstrual cycle.  Yoga practices that can help prevent and alleviate period pains, promote a healthy attitude to menarche and continued cyclical health. Great for teenage girls, stressed out women who want to increase their chances of fertility and to help you celebrate the inherent female essence of yoga
Postnatal Yoga and Beyond: Becoming a Powerful Yogini
This session will give you asana practices that will strengthen your core, open up your shoulders and re-invigorate your body.  The practices in this session provide a firm foundation for perimenopause and menopause.  Practices in this session come from Womb Yoga and are also influenced by the work of John Stirk.
Gentle Chanting and Pranayama (Breathing) Practice followed by Nurturing Yoga Nidra (Yoga Sleep) for Well Being.
The session will begin with a guided meditation practice focusing on healing in the womb or womb space (womb space healing for those who have experienced trauma)  This will be followed by chanting and a Yoga Nidra Practice connecting with Yoni Mudra – It is a lovely practice that can help you gain a sense of peace and wellbeing. 
About Julia
Julia Davis qualified as a British Wheel of Yoga teacher in 2004.  She then qualified as a Pregnancy Yoga teacher and trained in Postnatal Yoga.  She enjoys yoga in the Scaravelli tradition and particularly enjoyed learning with John Stirk (his wife Lolly taught her in her YogaBirth training).  Having read Yoni Shakti by Uma Dinsmore Tuli she became qualified Womb Yoga teacher.  She currently teaches Hatha Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Postnatal Yoga with Babies, Over 60s Yoga, and has worked with private clients in fertility yoga, prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga, and hatha yoga. She also enjoys teaching Yoga Nidra and Meditation and Pranayama practices.