​Transcending Stress Workshop - Lynda Gilbert

The Transcending Stress workshop takes an holistic approach to stress.

By using a combination of mind-focused and body-focused techniques, it addresses 3 fundamental questions:

How do I rest if I don’t have time?
How do I relax if I’ve forgotten how to?
How do I deal with my mental “plate-spinning” (or driving 3 cars at once in the fast lane!)?

We will look at what stress really is and whether it’s possible to talk about 'positive' stress; the antidote to stress and what makes it difficult to achieve that in the modern world.
We will focus on fusing mind and body with a sequence involving breathing exercises, mindful listening and movement and meditation, as well as discussing regulating emotions and thoughts;
looking at the feelings that impact on our stress levels and the stories we tell ourselves; changing our relationship with ourselves in order to change our responses.

Most importantly of all perhaps, we look at stress from a spiritual perspective - the 'transcendent' bit - finding ways to stand back from the entanglements of our personalities and replenish ourselves with our own
inner light.

About Lynda

Lynda is a fully-qualified counsellor with 21 years of experience. She runs her own private practice in Milton Keynes and is Director of The Well Being Therapy Centre, a counselling agency with branches in Milton Keynes, Northampton, Bromley and Aylesbury.

3 years ago she undertook training in the Bridging Minds, Transcending Stress programme held in Glastonbury.

She fell in love with Sun & Moon, at her first festival last year and is delighted to bring this one-off workshop based on the programme to this year’s festival.