Pranayama Workshop: Immerse in Supreme Love - Sangeeta Chohan

We all want the love force to be the dominating prana that is animating us.
When our energy is 
concentrated in the lower chakras we reside in the underworld or the realm of the subconscious mind
from where our perspective is narrow and easily triggered emotionally. Yet when we move 
Prana up the chakras to the heart centre we become warm hearted, tuned in and magnetic.

This allows for a cultivation of genuine self worth, self acceptance and self love. Learn to use your breath as a powerful tool to build physical and mental vitality and create the
condition which will give us more access to the Love Supreme.

Join me as we begin our day with a deep fall into Supreme Love.

Satisfy the desire within, a longing for our own true nature and that which created us.
That is 
the ultimate fall into love that allows for the pure expression of our highest qualities as human

No previous experience necessary, if you can breathe, you can do it!
Please ensure you have an 
empty stomach (3 hours) and bring a yoga mat, cushion and blanket.

It is my honour and privilege to share this ancient knowledge with you - Namaste!

Sangeeta ♥