VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing - Karen Hayler

Using Divine energy and consciousness with the added yumminess of Angelic consciousness the workshop will be a session
of relaxation and healing with Divine Grace and the Angels.

As a healer progresses though the Vortex Healing classes 8 levels plus many side add-on courses to clear, energise and develop physic sensing,
their energy system is cleaned and opened to each level.

This allows the healer to bridge deeper and deeper into the energy system of the receiver and clear the issue troubling them at the deepest level... where it manifests.

As well as healing on an emotional and physical level, which is does very effectively, it also develops a deeper clearing of the
healer's and receive'rs spiritual path - the path to finding self, the true self our 
true nature …

And of course we find all there is... love



About Karen Hayler


I have taught a wide range of courses from Egyptian dance to volunteers in the community, women's health, and family health.

I also started the Death Café Hastings 18 months ago just recently passing it onto a celebrant to run as I am keen to set one up in Bexhill or Battle.

And am in the throws of organising a threshold choir in Hastings.

I started my journey with complementary therapies in 1995 and healing, and in 1998 qualified in Reiki, (master/teacher, etheric healing, full member of the NFSH)

and for the last 10 years have been fully passionate about VortexHealing. 

VortexHealing is an registered trade mark of Ric Weinman.