The Art of Mindful Eating - ​Lucy Still

The aim of this workshop is to promote a new way of looking at food away from the diet mentality and body manipulation all around us.  
We'll then move onto looking at our own choices and how these need to be differentiated by the 'gremlins' in our heads.  

There is a transformational element whereby the participants can find their own inner voice and how it is presenting a gift rather than the seemingly self sabotaging voice.  

The last and biggest part of the session will involve practical work instigating eating consciously and mindfully and what that involves.  

The emphasis promotes body positivity and freedom to be yourself, not on preaching diet, nutrition and exercise for weight loss.  
The session will involve meditations, visualisations and maybe some EFT, depending on time.

About Lucy 

I am a Mindful Eating Coach and Energy Therapist and have been actively working with clients for a couple of years having trained extensively before that.  
I use a variety of modalities with clients with a particular interest in unblocking stubborn areas of ourselves that stop us living a full and calm life.  
Recently I have focused my attention on running Mindful Eating workshops to promote something close to my heart, making peace with food and eating... if is has become an issue.  

I am based close to Herstmonceux, down the road in Hastings.  

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