Alexander Technique - Stefan Welsch and Lisa Venables

In this workshop you will discover the Interactive Teaching Method approach to the work of FM Alexander.  
The ITM Alexander Technique is a powerful tool for change that can bring about lasting improvements in physical and mental performance.  
It can be used to enhance a persons co-ordination and comfort in everyday tasks, as well as more specialised activities such as music, dance or sport.  

From its very beginning, the ITM Alexander Technique has been used both to solve problems and to find simpler solutions.  
This workshop is designed to give participants inspirational guidance and instruction in how to apply the principles and ideas that make up Alexander's work for themselves.

About Stefan and Lisa
Stefan Welsch is a professional classical musician.  His partner Lisa is a horse riding and yoga teacher.  
Both are qualified Alexander Technique teachers and, between them, bring over thirty years of Alexander Technique experience to the workshop. 

Private sessions are also available.  Thirty minutes cost £35.  Please call Lisa to arrange on 07711 067581.