Thanks Giving - Susan Haslam

The course will begin with an introduction of Susan and the importance of an attitude of gratitude and examples from her own life.  
There will then be a mingle exercise where people can share with someone else in the room something that they are grateful for in their lives
e.g. children, partner, job, car, health, the sun and moon festival, etc. 

This will be followed by the opportunity to share with the group about what they are most grateful for.  
The workshop will then move on to being thankful for something that they don't yet have in their lives.  
Susan will lead the participants on focusing on what do they want in their lives and this will require a pen and pieces of paper and to hone this down to 10 things.  
The workshop will conclude with giving thanks for these 10 things and an opportunity again to share with the group, but this time one of their top 10 wants/ wishes.  

About Susan

I have a Masters in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and have been a member of the Association of Speakers' Clubs for 7 years.  
It is just this year that I have started to set up my own personal development seminars - It's Wonderful Life in the north west of England.  
It is been a long held dream of mine to facilitate seminars and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to deliver this Thanks Giving workshop at the festival.