Lammas Water and Flower Ceremony - Ali Rabjohns

Would you like to realise your fullest potential and release whatever no longer serves you?

Come, join us for a beautiful water ceremony and flower blessing. Lammas is the time of the first harvest and connected to the element of water.

We will be journeying to the upper worlds and retrieving the highest energy available to us. Then, we will be inviting this energy to integrate into our
energy fields with a flower blessing, which can balance our masculine and feminine energies, bringing us into harmony and alignment for the Autumn Harvest.
About Ali

Ali Rabjohns is an experienced shamanic practitioner of Andean Energy Medicine, a teacher and an artist.
She lives and has a Healing Sanctuary in Rodmell, East Sussex near Lewes in the UK.
Ali has trained with The Four Winds Society and has spent time in Peru working with a range of medicine men and women, participating in
Amazonian medicine plant ceremonies and in Inca ceremonies in the High Andes.


This workshop will be between 90 and 120 minutes.