The Real Me - Jon Athawes

With a helpful framework, supportive environment and tangible output, this 2-part workshop (run on consecutive days)
provides a rare and precious opportunity to take stock of your life.

What really makes me 'me'? How would I like my future to be? And how will I make that happen? 

Here's what previous Sun & Moon participants have said about it:

 "I'm learning to honour and nurture myself, set goals, and follow my heart because of your workshop. Loved, loved, loved it - one of my faves of the week. Thank you." 

"I went home feeling inspired and with a clear idea that I must put into place a new direction in my life - to become a foster carer.
This was something I had thought of before, but The Real Me gave me pure clarity. I am now the proud foster mum of two and it really is the best move I have made.
Attending Jon's workshop gave me the answers that I so needed to see the real me, and the confidence to believe in what was in me.
I couldn't recommend it highly enough."



About Jon
Married, and with two grown-up kids, Jon worked for big organisations for 25 years, but now leads a simpler, more content life. 
He's enjoyed both the previous Sun & Moon festivals and this time will be offering 3 different workshops - The Real Me, REtirement? and You Having A Laugh 
- and probably shouting a lot at the opening and closing circles once again!