Community and Ayurvedic Massage - Natasha Doane

Natasha will be offering the following 3 workshops at Sun and Moon this year:
* Workshop 1
Community Massage - Bringing safe touch back into the family and community. Basic safety, guidelines and technique on how to ease and support through bodywork. How to feel comfortable and confident in giving therapeutic massage. Ancient traditions encompassed massage in daily life, let's bring it back for the benefit of all! Suitable for all ages.
                Participant limit: 20
* Workshop 2
Traditional Ayurvedic head massage.  How to use oils directly on the scalp to massage, relieve neck tension and bring nutrition deep into the spine. Also a fantastic hair conditioner!  This treatment is used daily in Indian culture as families share in caring for each other. Great for passing on through generations. Suitable for all ages.
                Participant limit: 20
* Workshop 3
Integrative Massage. Connecting with the Spirit of darkness, we will be using blindfolds whilst massaging giving treatments and exploring technique. What arises for those giving and those receiving, how can we use the subtleties of our experience to go deeper whilst giving treatments? Suitable for experienced therapists.
                Participant limit: 10/12