Five Pathways to your Deeper Feminine Nature - Cassandra Eve

The Asteroid Goddesses in astrology are rich archetypes for the deeper feminine nature in evolving women. Over three workshops at Sun & Moon Festival I'll be sharing with you the pathways and practices from five: Vesta, Guardian of the Sacred Flame; Earth Mother, Ceres; Juno, Queen of Heaven; Wisdom Warrior Pallas Athena and the mysterious Dark Goddess Black Moon Lilith. We'll also explore the energies of Venus, Goddess of Love, who is a strong focus in 2017.
Exploring these archetypal energies opens conscious understanding of our deeper soul gifts, how they play through our lives as women and in relationships, and where they're calling for power of creative expression. Let's dive into Her mystery and enjoy exploring together!
Cassandra Eve 
Cassandra is an international astrologer, writer, soul coach and creative facilitator, sharing from the knowing that we are universal beings living a human life. Her passion is supporting individuals through the joys and challenges of embodying their soul purpose.