​Art of Intimacy - Charlotte McLaughlin

Art of Intimacy – An Intro to Living Tantra 

Art of Intimacy 2 – An Intro to Living Tantra (deeper dive) 

The Art of Intimacy/Living Tantra workshops invite you to discover yourself more fully
and awaken your potential in relationship with yourself and others.

You will be invited to feel into your natural desires, explore your boundaries,
express your wants and needs, and love yourself more fully.
You will meet and connect with others in a safe and nourishing space, whilst gaining awareness and tools to take back into your life.

These workshops may include dance, embodiment, meditation, physical touch, and sharing as a group.

The guided exercises, meditations and processes are designed to connect you more deeply with your feelings and your heart, and encourage you to be more authentic.

The workshops support rich learning about love, relationships, connection and intimacy.

Singles and couples all welcome.
About Charlotte
Charlotte is a psychotherapist, creative therapist and coach working with individuals and couples in her London clinics and around the world online.
She facilitates groups, workshops and retreats in the UK and internationally, centered around the themes of intimacy and creativity.
She is also a School of Being teacher, having trained with relationship expert Jan Day www.janday.com.

"My passion is supporting people to heal, grow and thrive in their lives, and find the courage to express their true unique potential in all areas of
their lives – including their sexuality and creativity. Ultimately the coaching, therapy and group work I offer is about freedom; being free to
express and live the fullest versions of ourselves.
My belief and personal experience is that when we find the courage to do this, the rewards are boundless.”