The healer within – Joss Nizan

The healing energy which I channel through my hands is present in everyone, but some of us are fortunate to have become aware of it in ourselves and work to nurture and develop it.

In this workshop I want to share my experience and help you to discover your own potential to give healing.

1 – Healing energy

I will demonstrate how to feel the healing energy and how to share it with others.
Working in pairs or as a group you will practise finding the healing energy and using it to help each other.

2 – Healing Cocoon

Having worked on yourself, this is a time to receive. I will envelop you in a cocoon of healing energy while you lie on the floor.
After allowing you a few minutes to relax, I will remove the cocoon, giving some healing as I do so.
When finished, you will feel full of life, joy and happiness, ready to get on with a new spring in your step, or flying high like a butterfly.

Please bring a yoga or exercise mat.


Individual Healing, Massage and Reflexology sessions

I will offer individual healing sessions during Sun & Moon Festival

I can also offer Swedish massage or Reflexology treatments. (I am currently doing a Foundation Degree in Complementary Therapy).

Duration of each treatment is approx 1 hour – No fee but donation welcome.

To book a treatment or for more info: tel: 07597 398045 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


About me

I come from a family in France with a history of natural healing, and I also trained in England as a Reiki Master and Teacher. I live in Eastbourne.
I offer individual healing sessions as well as workshops for people who want to develop their own healing abilities. 
I want to bring healing to as broad a range of people as possible, and am looking for innovative ways to do so.

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