Many paths to Healing - Maria Barrington

My belief is that there is no universal panacea for healing, we are complex individuals of multiple layers and dimensions with unique needs.  As a recipient of many forms of healing it has been my experience that our healing needs change, a modality that was effective last month may not be effective this month – we can’t step into the same stream twice.  For that reason I have spent many years studying various healing modalities, in order to meet my own needs and those of others
When choosing workshops to offer, I looked for those that are not already being delivered by very skilled and competent practitioners, and then at aspects of therapies that I have found particularly effective in helping people to activate their innate healing potential.
Past Life Regression Workshop 
Do you believe in reincarnation? Do you wonder what kind of life you lived?  Do you wonder what you learned in that life?  wonder whether you fulfilled your soul purpose? Maybe you’re not sure about reincarnation but in daily life you find yourself reacting, responding and behaving in ways that you would prefer were different and wonder why that is? 
Even before I began, and then during, my study to become a qualified Past Life Regression Therapy practitioner  I explored many of my own past lives, some of them good and others definitely not!  But each experience provided insight and helped me to understand my soul’s purpose for that life. On a number of occasions I was able to heal current physical and emotional imbalances through healing unresolved issues from the past. People I have worked with have had similar experiences. 
This workshop will be a fun experience;  the light trance will enable you to obtain pertinent information about a past life and perhaps meet your guide or guardian angel.  Most of us have imagination, which is visualisation, but many people worry that they cannot visualise.  If you are one of those people, please do not worry as there are other ways to obtain information, perhaps you will hear something or have an emotional reaction, or just an inner knowing about what is occurring.
Note: Bring a yoga mat and blanket or quilt to lie on/keep warm; also bring paper and pen so you can write or draw the information afterwards.
Emotion Code Workshop – Healing the Heart Wall 
I am a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner which is a therapy that can be delivered face to face or at a distance via skype, zoom etc.  Emotions are energy/information in motion; if we respond appropriately then the emotional energy is dissipated.  But what if we don’t respond appropriately? What if we contract and try to suppress unpleasant sensations?  In these circumstances the energy can become trapped within the system contributing to the development of emotional, mental and physical imbalance.   
An important aspect of Emotion Code therapy is healing the Heart Wall.  In a large majority of the population the system uses the trapped emotions in order to create an energetic wall around the heart for protection to prevent further hurt and suffering.  The presence of a Heart Wall interferes with and alters the true love that we give and the perception of the love that others send to us. 
In this workshop you will learn how to identify whether you have a heart-wall and, using simple techniques, how to clear and release the trapped emotions held within it.  I will provide typed notes and instructions, but a notepad and pen will be useful to track information about the trapped emotions you identify and release.
Energetic Aromatherapy workshop (maximum 12 people)
Essential oils have many uses and address healing on all levels impacting our systems through energetic vibration and physical chemical interaction.  As much of that exchange takes place via the olfactory bulb, we will focus on our subjective response to selected essential oils. In this workshop you will begin to learn about the energetics of the oils, how they relate to our energy centres or chakras and how certain oils resonate at certain levels more than others. It will help you to truly appreciate the beauty and magic of essential oils and how they impact our health immediately and energetically.  
Maria’s Bio: 
Following an out-of-body experience as a young child where I went to the Light and discovered what unconditional Love feels like,  I began a journey exploring the question of who or what we truly are.  Since 1980 I have committed to in-depth study of a variety of healing and meditative practices and various complementary and alternative therapies, with a particular focus on energy medicine.   In the late 1990s I deepened my theoretical knowledge when I graduated with a Master of Science degree in Holistic Approaches to Healing.  
In my part time private practice I offer EFT and Identity Healing, Emotion Code,  various forms of Reiki including Reiki Drum, Quantum biofeedback, Mindfulness, reflexology, hypnotherapy, kinesiology, and Past Life Regression Therapy.  I’ve trained with three different past life regression teachers – including Andy Tomlinson (Exploring the Eternal Soul; Healing the Eternal Soul) and the Dolores Cannon style of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Techniques.  Often aspects of various of the above approaches will be integrated to meet the complex needs of an individual.
I am attending the Sun and Moon Festival principally to have fun, relax, to mix with like-minded people and also to share my skills and knowledge.  So I am happy to offer 60 minute sessions in the following therapies for £30 
  • Emotion Code
  • Identity Healing EFT (healing the ‘I’ in ‘I am’ statements)
  • Reiki and Reiki Drum
I’m also happy to offer a 90 minute Past Life Regression Therapy session for £45