Anusha Ascension Healing - Antonia Scott and Suse Campbell

Anusha is an exceptionally high frequency energy emanating from the stars. 

In Sanskrit its name means, ‘beautiful morning, the first rays of light at dawn’ so, after the darkness, sprinkled with magical, shimmering stars,
it delivers the infinite possibilities of a bright new day! Anusha helps to raise your frequency exponentially, transporting you to an abundant place
of profound love and pure light, helping you to come home to your Heart, and all the treasures that lie within, and connect with the infinite Love that surrounds us, always.

These transformative workshops offer guided meditations where you’ll be immersed in the energies of Anusha, experiencing your heart opening
as you cross the rainbow bridge between dimensions to reach the still point where the Divine feminine and masculine are perfectly balanced.
Suse and Antonia will focus on the healing energies of Oneness, Unconditional Love and Forgiveness during these workshops and will attune you
to one or two of the 28 symbols of Anusha, helping you to feel calm and peaceful, to reconnect with your inner knowing and wisdom and come ‘home’ to your expansive, spiritual self.

About Antonia
Antonia is an Anusha Master Teacher and loves the beautiful healing energy of Anusha. As well as giving healing sessions, Antonia is a homeopath and sometimes blends the two by adding the Anusha symbols to her homeopathic prescriptions.

About Suse 
Suse uses Anusha and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique to facilitate healing for people by providing a safe space, and helping them to achieve an altered state of consciousness in which they can re-member, and discover, explore and integrate their own inner wisdom, attaining clearer connection to their higher selves and calling back the magic and meaning in their lives.    Suse is a trained hypno-psychotherapist, Anusha Teacher, QHHT Level 2 practitioner and Reiki Master.