Theta Healing - Lisa Halliday

Lisa Halliday is a well-respected Theta Healing® Master, Practitioner and Teacher with over 20 years experience as a professional Spiritual Coach and Master Intuitive Healer. Lisa’s experience is in Theta Healing® and many other healing modalities. 
Theta Healing® works on a Theta Brainwave, connecting us to the Universal energy of all that is. Theta Healing® is simple, gentle, and is both spiritual and scientific and is a great tool to use for changing limiting or negative thought patterns from the subconscious mind and turning these into more constructive and positive ones. Through Theta Healing® we expand our perception of reality and open our minds to unlimited possibilities, to enhance more joy into our lives.
Lisa will be giving a demonstration and talk revealing how Theta Healing® can help you to create more Abundance, Happiness and Success in your Life by removing the negative beliefs that are preventing you from living a life you love! 
Lisa offers in-person, Skype and telephone Theta Healing® sessions and  teaches Theta Healing® Certified Practitioner courses throughout the year, dates are posted on her website.  
See how Theta Healing® can transform your life, check out Lisa’s website for more details: