The ToddlerCalming Workshop - Anna Ashley

This 3 hour workshop enables you to understand your toddler's brain development and shows you ways to avoid and handle most difficult toddler behaviour.
We will look at the science of tantrums and how to encourage your toddler to grow into a kind, thoughtful and independent child. As well as this we address concerns around the arrival of a new sibling, biting, hitting, throwing, eating and potty training as well as helping parents to prepare in advance for the toddler years. We promise that you will find this workshop truly refreshing and eye opening!
You will learn:
  • How to stop toddler biting
  • How to stop toddler hitting
  • How to encourage your toddler to share
  • How to introduce a new sibling to your toddler
  • How to encourage your toddler to listen to you
  • How to stop toddler whining
  • How to and encourage your 'terrible twos' to be more 'terrific twos'!
Suitable for all parents of all 1 to 4 year olds. This workshop can also be taken in advance of the toddler years, helping you to learn the skills of toddler calming whilst your little one is still a baby!
*Please note we are unable to accommodate toddlers/children during BabyCalm and ToddlerCalm workshops with the exception of babes in arms*
Anna Ashley
Anna is a BabyCalm & ToddlerCalm teacher offering classes and workshops to parents of 0-4 year olds. Anna brings support, access to modern research and calming strategies to parents in a non-judgmental environment. Enabling parenting with respect whilst giving strategies that work for each individual family situation.
Anna is the proud mum of two children and has a background in primary school teaching, private tutoring and childminding. Like many mums she knows that motherhood can be challenging, exhausting and overwhelming, whilst still the most amazing experience. BabyCalm & ToddlerCalm give parents a safe space to talk and empowers them with strategies based on modern research.