Shamanic Practice and Sound Healing - Valerie Stagg

Valerie will lead a series of workshops as follows:
Power Animal Journey 
This will take place in the form of a ceremony and will give participants the opportunity to experience a classical Shamanic Journey to the lower world with the aim of meeting your power animal. The Journey will be supported by drumming.
Mongolian Overtone Singing
This will take place in the form of a ceremony and will focus on teaching techniques for Mongolian Overtone Singing, a powerful technique which is great for self-healing. No singing experience necessary.
Celebrate the Wild Woman With Voice, Body and Soul
 A safe and supportive space for women to explore women-centred and earth-based spirituality. The session will be in the form of a ceremony and participants will experience practices which enhance the connection to Mother Earth and to the wild and wise woman within.
About Valerie Stagg
I have facilitated groups creatively and spiritually for 25 years. Reiki Master/Teacher since 1998.
Trained in jazz singing and community arts. Trained as a Shamanic Practitioner with Northern Drum Shamanic Centre. I am passionate about supporting people to access and develop their natural voices by freeing up both body and voice to unleash the full range of power within. I also love to help other women strengthen their connection to their wild and wise selves through ceremony, shamanic journeys, voice and body work.