Energy Healing with the Soul Whisperer - Tony Mills of 'Energetic Wisdom'

Soul Whisperer, Tony Mills began his career as an osteopath.  After some time he realised that manipulation of the skeletal structure was not always the answer, and to best help his clients, he had to address the root cause. Tony no longer practices osteopathy, as he feels that he has found a much more effective way to bring balance and harmony, to mind, body and spirit of his clients.  Tony works on the principle that we create dis-ease and dis-comfort in our bodies as a consequence of our thoughts and emotions. If you are familiar with the work of Louise Hay, you will understand this connection. 
When we repress emotions, because they are too painful or overwhelming to us, they still function within, as crystallised energy and can affect every aspect of our lives. These emotions, when not addressed, can also lead to physical dis-ease and discomfort.  It is the repression and denial of the feelings that gives them their power. Using Energetic Wisdom techniques, a return to balance is often quickly achieved, without the need for psychoanalysing, making it one of the quickest and easiest forms of therapy around today.  
Through dowsing and kinesiology, Tony is able to communicate with the clients’ Higher Self and find the actual emotion which is causing the imbalance. Then, using the Living Lens, which is a sacred geometric device which Tony channelled from Higher Source, the system can be harmonised.  Tony will also be channelling energy through from his Indian Chief Spirit Guide and experiencing Tony at work can be very moving. Tony also has a fun loving and kind nature so he always ensures that he keeps things light.
Energetic Wisdom works exceptionally well with the spine. An imbalance in the spine can affect us in many more ways than just back pain. Rather than addressing imbalances through manipulation, Tony now gets to the root cause and addresses this. By releasing the energetic emotional blockage, there is then no need for the physical pain.
During the workshop on Tuesday 16th, Tony will demonstrate how distorted Geopathic frequencies (such as from underground rock formations and streams) and distorted Electromagnetic frequencies (such as those from a mobile phone) weaken our energy fields and can cause illness.  With the aid of his Spirit Guide, Tony will harmonise individuals in the group that are showing up as being affected by these frequencies and will explain how his channelled pendants and other devices in the Red 9 range, can help give protection.  
Using a special divining tool that was specially commissioned for Tony, he will also be checking attendees for negative energies, which are parasitic in nature, and with the aid of his Indian Chief spirit guide, Tony will quickly and safely remove these energies from those affected.  If there is time, Tony will also work on the adrenals.
Tony can help clients with a wide range of imbalances and has assisted many clients with allergies, fertility problems, food intolerances, migraines, candida, parasites, back and neck problems, frozen shoulder, slipped disk, insomnia, digestive problems, stress, too much mental chatter, exhaustion, chronic fatigue etc.  Tony also works with children.
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16.15pm to 17.45pm.
For the convenience of others, please ensure you arrive 5 minutes early.

Monday: Messages from the spine

Tuesday: Communication with the meridians 

Thursday: Communication with the chakras

Friday: Re-balancing the effects of EMF’s and parasitic energies and if time, adrenals, which are like the body's fuse box.
Experiencing Energetic Wisdom for yourself is a unique experience which you will find both fascinating and rewarding.